Hello lovely ladies! We are back again with a lipstick from YSL, this time from their main Rouge Volupte line in the shade No 17, Red Muse. Isn’t that just a perfect name? Especially since I adore a red lip, it’s definitely a muse for me.
ysl red muse 1
I was initially quite afraid of wearing this out because the swatches were very pigmented…..and bold pigmented lipsticks always end up on my teeth! That’s the worst when you’re at work the whole day, smiling at colleagues and clients!  However I was rather over the whole sheer work appropriate lippies and thankfully this lipstick proved to survive no mishaps.
ysl red muse 2
It’s packaged like the Rouge Volupte Shine with the luxurious gold casing, but I feel the band of colour in the middle is more of a lacquer finish compared to the Shine’s, making it slightly more mature or maybe I’m just imagining it?
The product inside is definitely different though, it’s much creamier with opaque coverage in one swipe. Look at that gorgeousness! It was quite comfortable to wear with no migration onto my teeth or outside the lip line and wears away evenly, leaving behind a light stain even after several snacks (on healthy fruit), lunch and cups of tea.
ysl red muse 3
The shade is a full bodied red with a hint of pink that is really smooth. The way I like to apply it is to dab it on the middle of my lips and then press my lips together to work the colour around so I get a nice even layer without too much product. The effect is a rather wearable full coverage lip that lasts several hours until food appears!
ysl red muse 4
YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks retail for USD35.00.


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