Essie Plumberry 3


Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence, us three girls at Belledemoiselle have been very busy (Dom and Ksuan with work and I with some personal problems), but we are all entering a new year and hopefully a new chapter in our lives and reviews are back on the scheduled program! So onwards we go.

This is my battle cry and third attempt to really want to like Essie polishes. I really do. Priceline was having a 40% off their cosmetics and my local store recently stocked Essie so I went along to have a look and ended up picking a few items including Plumberry.

In the bottle Plumberry looks like a gorgeous dark raspberry jelly cream. On the nails it comes off as quite a bright pink-tinged red, actually mostly red. I can occasionally see the pink translucency in the sunlight, but not as much as I’d like to.

Essie Plumberry 2

Formula wise it was both thick and runny, it pooled slightly around the edges but it did level out nicely. Two layers was good for full opacity and I liked that it looks like a gel manicure. It lasted about 4-5 days before experiencing chipping and shrinkage which is a short time compared to other brands and over the course also became less shiny and more of a semi-matte finish with lots of scratch marks on top of the manicure.

Essie Plumberry 1

Overall I found that this performed nicer than the other Essie polishes I experienced but it is not my favourite formula (or my favourite colour!). I’m interested in seeing how the others fare, so stay tuned for future Mim’s Mini Manicures 😉

Essie polishes typically retails for AUD$17.95


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