clinique chic honey 1

A few years back Clinique released their Almost Lipstick range and one of the shades Black Honey was an especial hit among the ladies. The formula is meant to be sheer and glossy but what is interesting was that the colour changes depending on your skintone, so it looks different on everyone; a sort of personalised sheer lippie if you will.
clinique chic honey 3
I have Chic Honey which in the tube looks like a really dark berry, but on the hand it is like a sheer mauvey pink while on the lips it pulls a deeper slightly raspberry pink. Isn’t it interesting?
clinique chic honey 4
The texture is quite balmy, I find it lighter than the Clinique Butter Shine formula but still quite wet on the lips and it is glossy. It is the sort of lipstick you can swipe on and go but definite touch-ups are required.

Given the formula I think I still prefer Revlon’s Lip Butters because they’re more accessible and affordable and they have a variety of colours but I have to say Chic Honey is definitely easy to wear and very nice to slide into your handbag. I mean look at the packaging! Slim gunmetal tube with a silver cap, this very much suits my aesthetic sensibilities.
clinique chic honey 2
The Almost Lipstick range retails for USD$36. I cannot find Chic Honey on the website but I purchased mine in Singapore so you might have luck finding it at counters near you.


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