chic chick 1
I haven’t tried Rimmel polishes before so this is my first foray into their offerings! Their Salon Pro line promises high-shine gel-like finish that is chip resistant and I was happy to pick up this neutral shade for use of my christmas nail design.

Chic Chick is a very lovely beige shade that doesn’t lean too pink or yellow, dark or light, it is the perfect neutral. Formula wise it was streak-free and achieved good opacity with two light layers which is quite rare for these type of shades. On it’s own it is a very clean wearable look for polished nails especially for the office!
chic chick 2
I topped the tips with Sally Hansen’s Showgirl Chic which I thought would make a beautiful gradient glitter nail but it turns out to be an absolute opaque glitter polish which can be a good or bad thing depending! This is a multifaceted polish with a clear base chockfull of glimmering silver and blue glitter. It is already fairly opaque with one thin layer but two completely covers the nail. However beautiful it looks, it was also an absolute pain to take off- be sure to use the foil method.

Rimmel polishes retail for around $8.95 while Sally Hansen polish retails around $9.95 at Priceline although it regularly goes on promotion.


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