nfu oh 51 1

I don’t have a lot of information about Nfu-Oh polishes, only that they originated as a Korean brand and provide an immense array of colours and finishes including cremes, jellies, holograms and flakies. I ordered a few ages ago and they’ve been sitting in my polish drawer ever since unfortunately because I couldn’t get them to work properly! Recently however I tried No.51 and I have to say it’s brilliant.

First up, the bottle is beautiful. Heavy glass with a handle shaped intricately like a body encased in a corset. It takes awhile to get used to it but it’s relatively fuss-free to apply the polish.

nfu oh 51 2

The shade itself is a deep purple jelly base with golden flakes which shines predominantly red in the light and occasionally blue, green and purple at certain angles. This went on easily with two layers and some visible nail line that is usual with a jelly base. I took longer than usual to ensure it is completely dried due to past disappointments with Nfu-Oh polishes smudging right after application, however once it has hardened over night, it remained on my tips for a week without chipping.
nfu oh 51 3
Nfu-Oh polishes can be found on a number of websites, I obtained mine on http://www.fabuloustreet.com/ at around $12.50 each.


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