Mac magnetic nude 1

I initially popped into Myers just to have a quick peek and see if MAC’s Magnetic Nude collection was in for some swatching (and gawking) without any intention to walk away with anything (certainly everyone would agree that I do not need anything new to add to my makeup drawer)

It turns out that Myers didn’t have the entire collection on display so I hopped into David Jones where the makeup gods shone on me and I ended up purchasing three items. Oops.

These are all limited edition so I figure I better do a quick review so you can pop in and have a look for yourself! (and perhaps tempt you to whip out your credit card?)

Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Magnetic Appeal

mac magnetic nude 2
I do dislike the label of skinfinish which makes me think this should be used as an all-over powder but I’d suggest not doing that unless you want to look like Apollo (the sun god). But no, these extra dimension skinfinishes are more like highlighters and Magnetic Appeal is described as as a ‘medium tan with fine gold sheen’. It is a deep warm burnished gold with coppery tones and it’s certainly the darkest and most pigmented highlighter in my stash. What blew me away however is the creamy and solid metallic sheen, you can’t see shimmer or glitter, it is just creamy pigment goodness that looks amazing on the skin- just look at that swatch!
And because it is so pigmented, this can totally be used as an eyeshadow too.
mac magnetic nude 4
Extra Dimension Blush in Pleasure Model

mac magnetic nude 5
At first I was very tempted by another in the collection- Autoerotique which is a coral rose, but Pleasure Model succeeded in calling my name. It is a soft terracotta with a satin finish, essentially a warm orange with slight peach overtones on the skin. I love how wearable this would look on my skin- my cheeks but better perhaps? It’ll provide some definition without looking I tried too hard with a more colourful blush. The formula itself is very pigmented, very soft and blendable, and goes on the skin like a dream with a satin finish.
mac magnetic nude 6
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Silver Dawn

mac magnetic nude 7
Silver Dawn is an interesting taupe with a lot of depth. It is described as a metallic dirty grey mauve, and it has a strong brown undertone with silver over it. Like the rest of the line it is extremely soft, pigmented and not quite metallic. I usually don’t go for these silver type shades but because of it’s brown base I feel this can look quite beautiful on my eyes on its own or as a smokey look.
mac magnetic nude 8
So my lovelies, have you tried anything from this collection or would like to? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

2 thoughts on “SDV Reviews: MAC Magnetic Nude Collection

  1. hope the makeup gods smile on me too! 🙂 rather like the look of pleasure model blush! dunno if still got stock in KL lor… How dyu think it would look on light complexions?

    • It’ll look wonderful on lighter complexions, I think overall this particular MAC collection is quite versatile and suits a variety of skin tones. Try a light hand to just bring some definition to your cheeks =D I’d also highly suggest checking out the Autoerotique blush!

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