illamasqua mottle 1
As part of Illamasqua’s spring release (last year? two years ago?), Mottle is an interesting glitter polish with an opaque mint green base and little floating black hexagonal pieces and black specks. It’s meant to mimic pretty little pastel bird eggs and it also reminds me of mint chocolate chip!

The formula is rather thick. I thought I could do a couple of thin layers (like usual with my other polishes) but it was not happening. To get an even opaque coat it’s better to just go with one thick layer and let it dry. I used Revlon’s top coat and got a very smooth finish.
It lasts about 1.5 weeks without any chipping, I’m very impressed! Especially for a pastel AND glitter polish!
illamasqua mottle 2
Scarce (pink) and Fragile (blue) is still available on Illamasqua’s website while the others are available at selected stores/counters. All four can be found at Myers (Melboune Bourke street) for $7 each off which was where I got mine =D

They typically retail for around $21.


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