maybelline peachy scene 2
You know I already love the Maybelline Vivids and this brand has one of the biggest lipstick range in the market. I always seem to walk past and get drawn to yet another shade glimmering in the display. Peachy Scene is part of their normal ColorSensational line which promises superior colour saturation and the natural properties of honey nectar to nourish lips. Sounds good! How does it fare?

maybelline peachy scene
In the photo I’ve layered Peachy Scene over Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus which I’ve worked into the lips as a stain but the colour definitely stays true to the swatch. It’s more of a light mauvey pink that pulls really frosty, which is rather unfortunate because it doesn’t look like that in the tube and would be much better as a matte creme.

It is very creamy and applies well with opaque coverage but it does catch on lines so this is best on well exfoliated and smooth lips. The frostiness also emphasises flakiness so again super unfortunate on my dry lips because I find the colour really brightening and perfect for spring.

Which brings us to the big elephant in the room. The scent reeks. It is an extremely strong over powering cupcake sweet scent that lingers. Not great for even the more indulgent of us, and will definitely knock out those with sensitive noses.

maybelline peachy scene 3

Maybelline lippies retail for about AUD$16.95


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