physicians formula liner 3

I finally found my new eyeliner look for daytime wear! Introducing the Physicians Formula brand with their Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio. The package comes with a purple, brown and a black, all to make brown eyes pop, which sounds good to me. I’m here to talk specifically about the black liner.

The liner is a twist up which makes it easy to use without the need for a sharpener. The product itself is a soft matte charcoal black that runs smoothly and without tugging over the eyes. I can use this against the lash line and then quickly over to round out my eyes and make them look more open (especially useful for hooded eyed girls!)

On my oily lids and without a primer, the formula lasts about 4 hours before I can start seeing smudging and it sort of rubs off especially at the corner. So while it is not the most pigmented or last lasting liner on the market, I just find it really foolproof way to apply liner and make the eyes more defined. It also comes off with a swipe of some bioderma.

Here is how it looks on my eyes:

physicians formula liner 1

The trio retails at AUD$24.95 at Priceline but I was able to snap it up at half price!


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