pink lips-001

I wish so badly that Soap and Glory would just bring their makeup range to Asia already, because truly, it boasts some wonderful products. One of them is this Super Colour Fabulipstick in Perfect Day. 

Here’s what the site says this lipstick does:

Featuring ULTIMELT™ lip shine & shaping technology, 3-D PLUMP™ peptide complex, Shea Butter, Monoi Butter & Vitamin E. Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide 2 (for aging repair and visible wrinkle reduction) help to give a soft, smooth, dewy, plump colour-fill pout.

One of several pretty shades in the Fabulipstick collection, Perfect Day is a cheerful, clean, slightly cool pink shade with a satin finish.

Housed in a nice, sturdy (if oh so slightly bulky) black plastic case with a nice snap closure, this lipstick retains the classic fun look of Soap and Glory’s branding without compromising on quality. I’ve dropped this lipstick on the floor a few times and expected the case to crack, but no damage has occurred. Hurray for klutzproof lipstick packaging!

Moving on to the most important bit, really: colour. This is one great shade. It’s pink, but not pink enough to be inappropriate for work. It’s neutral, but not boring. It’s brightening, but not bright. Shows up great in real life, also looks awesome in photographs. In other words, a in great staple go-to lipstick. It occupies a permanent spot in my makeup pouch, and I’m a bit concerned about finding a dupe shade for when I run out – but we will cross that bridge when we come to it 😉

The one small issue I have with this lipstick is that it can be a little drying, despite Soap and Glory’s claims of having shea butter, monoi butter, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in its formulation to keep lips moisturised! I barely if ever use Perfect Day without a layer of lip balm underneath. WIth balm, the colour doesn’t settle into lip lines and goes on buttery smooth.

Lasting power wise, this shade sticks around for about 5 to 6 hours. A large proportion of it clings on stubbornly through a meal, which is quite nice. I’ve read several reviews lamenting its lack of staying power, though – so not sure if it is just me!

Each Super Colour Fabulipstick retails in the UK for GBP 9.00. I’m keen to try their matte shades next, but surely wouldn’t mind paying a few pounds to explore more satin finish shades in the collection! For now, I shall twiddle my thumbs until the next opportunity to visit the UK crops up 🙂

PS: Thank you Mr Juliet Fox for nicking this off a Boots shelf for me many moons ago!


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