shanghai suzy

A package arrived in my mail box about a month ago and how happy and surprised was I when 8 lipsticks popped out among a flurry of flower petals! (Nothing I love better than packages and cosmetics and pretty things!)

It was kindly sent by Shanghai Suzy, a lipstick only makeup brand which is the brand-child of the stunningly sweet, gorgeous and smart Joanna Wheaton. I first shot Jo for my gold inspired beauty editorial ‘Gold Member’ published in Ellements New York and I am very excited to see her heading this new venture.

Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are produced as seasonal collections. Jo says she wanted to make affordable, fashionable and wearable lippies, coming out with new limited edition shades every collection which I think is a fantastic idea. Who doesn’t love new things?

shanghai suzy 2

Her debut line has 8 shades separated in two formulas: Matte and Nourish. I have a feeling all the shades are named after the lovely ladies in Joanna’s life, too cute! I want a lippie named after me haha.

What the website states:

“The ‘Matte’ formula is bold, thick, creamy and long-lasting, and the ‘Nourish’ formula contains jojoba seed oil to care for and moisturize lips whilst delivering a beautiful colour with a slight sheen.”

Scent Note: All the lippies smell like grape gum! It reminds of my favourite grape drink from my local  Asian grocery!

Nourish Formula

shanghai suzy emma taupe

  • Miss Emma Taupe- a brown based beige

shanghai suzy brooklyn rose

  • Miss Brooklyn Rose- a satin MLBB natural pink

shanghai suzy hannah blood red

  • Miss Hannah Blood Red- a stunning neutral red

shanghai suzy georgina pink plum

  • Miss Georgina Pink Plum- a MLBB for darker skin girls, gorgeous berry pink

I am LOVING the nourish formula. The colours are pigmented, creamy and glossy. It goes on smoothly and beautifully on the lips with bang on colour on one swipe. There is no bleeding or feathering even with the bold shades.

The first couple of shades are too light on me- Brooklyn Rose is such a lovely colour in the tube but it’s an exact match to my lip colour so it just disappears, mostly looking like a super natural balm. The latter two, Hannah Blood red and Georgina Pink Plum are wonderful and my absolute favourite out of this entire collection. This formula lasted about 4-5 hours without eating.

Matte Formula

shanghai suzy sally watermelon

  • Miss Sally Watermelon, a light pink based peach

shanghai suzy sanja fuchsia

  • Miss Sanja Fuchsia- a barbie pink with a purple hue undertone

shanghai suzy jade orange shanghai suzy claire fire engine red

  • Miss Jade Orange- a neutral orange

shanghai suzy claire fire engine red

  • Miss Claire Fire Engine Red- a bright orange based red

I am so excited to see matte shades, especially after MAC’s release of their retro matte line. It just looks so classic and effortless and it’s definitely making a modern comeback. In this formula however the shades swatch much lighter than they appear in the tube, for example Sally Watermelon is more of a pastel-like peach and Sanja Fuchsia is a light pink.

I really tried to prep my lips by exfoliating and moisturising them beforehand but unfortunately the the lipstick really catches on the lines and appears uneven and patchy close up. On camera however it looks really beautiful and smooth which is how they went on, the formula definitely feels creamier than other matte lippies. There is also a slight sheen which really makes me think of these as more of a creme formula! They also last about 4-5 hours but wore away unevenly. I am disappointed but I’ll find a way to wear these.

Here’s a last look at the lipsticks, swatches galore:

shanghai suzy swatches

The lipsticks retail for a really super duper affordable AU$12.95 each on their website. Unfortunately they don’t ship overseas, I hope that gets remedied soon!

Also “Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.” 🙂

Lipsticks were sent gratis but as always, all opinions are my own!


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