Hey everyone, and welcome to my Red Dragon Nail art tutorial!


This is such a fun and easy eye-catching nail art that I got SO many compliments on. Everyone thought it was professionally done in a salon but no! You can do this at home =D
I think it’s so fantastic especially for holidays or just when you want to be especially jazzy, and the colour combo especially reminded me of Chinese New Year! It looks like sparkling dragon scales.

Step One: Lay on a red creme base. Because we’ll be using a glitter topcoat it’s best to keep your base colour simple and clean and I wanted red for a pop of vibrant colour.

I am using NYX’s Nightmare from their Living in a Dream collection which is an array of mini on trend shades. The formula is so pigmented and easy to work with, I was able to get an opaque coat with one swipe. I love it! The Living in a Dream collection is AU$20 for 18 nail polishes. Wait for your base colour to dry.

Step Two: Choose your glitter topcoat. You’ll need a chunky glitter polish in a clear base that can be layered on for an opaque look.

Here I went for another great one from Face of Australia called Studio 54 which is a thick bronzy burnished gold glitter. The glitter is randomly cut so you get a really cool foil effect and it’s so shiny it’s really perfect. It retails for AU$4.95.

Start by dabbing on a thin layer so you get some sprinkling of glitter from the middle to the tip of the nail. You can choose to wait for each layer to dry but here I continue dabbing on each layer at the tips of the nails until I get opaque tips, which is about 2-3 layers for me.

Step Three: Wait for the glitter topcoat to dry before sealing everything with a clear topcoat. I used Seche Vite.

You might find your nails are a little thick and squishy depending on how many layers of glitter you’ve used (unless you waited for each layer to completely dry), so avoid roughly using your hands if you don’t want to ruin your nails. I recommend doing this before bed and just let your nails dry over night and you’ll find your polish have hardened and remained fabulous.

This manicure has been lasting 2 weeks with minimal chipping and tip wear, it’s long lasting due to the glitter tips. I’m also waiting for my nails to grow so I can clip the glitter part away before removing with polish remover to minimize destroying my mails!

You can choose any sort of colour combinations, just experiment! Any the brighter the glitter, the more fun it’ll be. Try it with silver, blues and even purple, and you can choose contrasting base colours. Share with us your own photos!


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