nars 2

Everyone has been going on about Nars blushes and Nars in general forever, especially their cheeky names (hello Orgasm and Foreplay! Ahem). And Chelsea from chelseawears certainly makes me lem for their lipsticks and lip pencils. The Nars display is the usually the first I gravitate towards at Mecca Cosmetica but I always walk away empty-handed with fingers covered with glitter- why is everything so glitter-fied? Sigh.

But here (am I allowed to begin a sentence with but?) we have two GORGEOUS and MATTE limited edition blushes from the Pierre Hardy collection. The absolutely stunning geometric design which is a shimmery gold overlay was a beacon calling my name.

nars boys dont cry 1
First up is Boys Don’t Cry which is described as ‘Pink Grapefruit’. This is a super darling pinky coral which is like a vibrant girly pink without looking like Barbie. It’s like the adult version. The super sexy adult version. Here it is on me:

Nars boys dont cry

Such a lovely brightening shade! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nars rotounde

Rotonde is ‘Tiger Lily’, which reminds me of the flush of organic colour on the inside of flowers. This is a medium orange that would look gorgeous and fresh across a variety of skin tones.

nars rotounde 1

See what I mean by fresh? ๐Ÿ™‚

Both house a ton of product, 0.45oz, about three times as much as their normal blushes (of course the prices reflect that too), and seriously who really need -that- much blush, but these are so beautiful and they’ll just last you a long time, possibly forever. They feel velvety to the touch and are very finely milled so that you get a smooth and satiny finish. And the pigmentation, simply wonderful, that you can sheer out or build up without looking like a mess, giving your cheeks a fresh pop of colour that is easy to blend.

These blushes have no scent (great for you sensitive nosed gals out there) and last well over 6 hours on me.ย They are still currently available for US$41 or around AU$65 (if I’m not mistaken) at Nars counters near you.


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