We’re back with another mini manicure post!


Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish in Laven-dure is my base colour for this manicure, it’s a silky creme light purple pastel, perfect for the upcoming spring and warmer weather. I remembered seeing candy-like pastel nails being huge last year and was envious of the perfect manicures, especially since I always had problems with creme finishes and pastel colours, so a creme pastel?? Double trouble!


I had this colour on my toes a few months back and absolutely loved it, it has a little of a greyish tone to it which -could- give me that dead zombie hands look, but this works surprisingly well against my tan skin, it is really lady-like and polished (pun intended).

The formula is lightweight, a good dab of polish is sufficient for one layer and full opacity. It took a little bit of manoeuvring and gently going over the nail a few times with the brush to ensure it’s smooth and streak-free. I’d probably recommend doing this with two coats and waiting for each layer to dry.

Covergirl Outlast polishes retail for AU$6.95 at our local Priceline.

ImageFor a little pick me up I replicated a nail art design I previously did with red polish and gold glitter and used Savvy’s glitter polish in Out & About on the tips. This is a beautiful mix of fine purple glitter particles with larger hexagonal red glitter in a clear base. As the glitter is quite fine, this is great for layering and creating that gradient effect. I did three coats, starting from the middle of the nail and concentrating the final coat at the very tip. Unfortunately the clear base is quite thick and gloopy so it took absolutely ages to completely dry down and set, I’d recommend taking a nap for two hours to avoid touching your nails! Or if you have more patience, to take more care while dabbing on the glitter!

I got this polish for AU$3 at my local Priceline, look out for their bargain bins!


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