Dear Tresemme,

I hate to start any open letter this way, but I have a bone to pick with you. More specifically, with your Freshstart Dry Shampoo – Volumising for Fine/Oily Hair.


So this is what your website says this dry shampoo is all about:

  • THE FORMULATION: This Dry Shampoo, with Mineral Clay and Citrus, revives your fine, limp hair by removing excess oil and impurities and helping eliminate odor, leaving hair rejuvenated.
  • THE EFFECT: Just a quick spray at the roots and this weightless, fine mist will revitalize and refresh your hair without any visible residue for hair that is full of movement.

While this all sounds very good in theory, I was deeply disappointed with the actual product.

Does it smell good? It does. The citrus scent was nice and light, and probably the only positive remark I have about this dry shampoo.

My hair did not at all feel rejuvenated and whisked free of oil after a few sprays of this dry shampoo. I found it oddly sticky and uncomfortable, leaving a heavy residue on my scalp and to the strands of my hair. No amount of brushing would get rid of this.  It didn’t absorb oil, and my hair did not regain any volume after use.

I was, in fact, so exasperated with the state of my hair after using this product that I immediately hightailed it to the shower and proceeded to wash it all out of my hair, for real.

Tresemme, I have used your products before and have liked them for the most part. This anomaly is rather troubling, and it saddens me. I even passed this dry shampoo on to dom so she could give it a whirl – just in case my experience was a genuine outlier – but she had similar comments to add.

I’m really sorry Tresemme, but I don’t think I spent my SGD 14.00 wisely. Hopefully my future experiences with your brand will result in happier reviews!


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