Hello ladies – as you might know from a past post, I recently spent two weeks in India on a research trip. While India was wonderful, it wasn’t exactly a relaxing vacation. So I decided to leap at the opportunity to hang out with SdV and her super awesome dad, henceforth known as OO, in Bali for four gloriously sun-kissed days.


It was my first time in Bali, and I was not disappointed. What a beautiful island.


SdV and I had a great time perpetually getting in OO’s hair, gallivanting to temples and rice fields, running around Seminyak, and generally lying on the beach and by the pool taking in the sound of crashing waves and breathing in salty sea air. An idyllic but short trip. I am refreshed, happy, and several shades more tanned (although presently, despite liberal use of sunscreen while there, I look more lobsterlike than anything) than I was prior to flying over.

SdV was also a complete darling and brought me a few choice products from Australia products, as per below.


Clockwise, L-R: Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Colour in Perfect Penny, Natio Blush and Bronze Palette, Covergirl Lash Blast 24 Hour Mascara, and Nude by Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Flirty

Love them all! Thanks SdV for lugging them all the way to Indonesia for me. Can’t wait to test them all out and review them! Meanwhile, it is back to routine. Have a great week ahead, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Quickie Post: Bali + Pretty Aussie Things

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