Hitting pan is a beauty product lover’s greatest achievement – it signifies the triumph over temptation, sticking with one product until it finishes. It could be due to sheer stubborness, i.e. “I must finish my things!”, or it could be because the product was so marvelous that it warrants loyalty.

This, my friends, is one of those products that warrant loyalty. I received this as a present from a friend (hello, Geeque!) in shade 53, and immediately fell in love with it.

Scent-wise, it’s not as strong as the Healthy Mix foundation, but is very similar given that they are both from the same range.

It provides sheer coverage, which I find insufficient for everyday wear, but is amazing as a setting powder. It does live up to its ultrafine texture, but unfortunately j still oiled up despite its 10-hour matte finish claim.

That said, used on top of foundation, it provided a soft focus look on my skin, and is non-comedogenic. This is great for toting around for touch-ups – I use a brush. A definite repurchase once I run out!


You can get Bourjois in any Watson’s, BHG, or John Little in Singapore. I’d recommend BHG for their consistent 20% discounts.


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