Just recently, Maybelline came out with a new line to their Colour Sensational lipsticks, a permanent range of Vivids with ‘creamy vibrant colour’. You can differentiate them from the normal line by their bright orangey-pink semi sheer casing.

On to the swatches!

maybelline swatches
And here’s what each of them looks like on me…

maybelline shocking coral
Shocking Coral is a bright peachy reddish colour. It leans more on the pink side than peach.

maybelline neon red

Neon Red looks like a really brilliant red in the tube and on the lips it is an orangey red. I love this colour.

maybelline vivid rose

Vivid Rose is a bright fuchsia pink and looks really gorgeous.

maybelline hot plum

Hot Plum I thought was unusual, it is a deep purple pink but it is not vampy at all.

All the shades are opaque in one pass, they’re super pigmented and bright so beware! Definitely don’t expect any sheer easy wearable colours but I love these because they’re so fun to wear out. You can choose to use the dab technique for some sheerer colour but they really come alive as full colour. They’re creamy, with Shocking Coral and Neon Red being more glossy and Vivid Rose with Hot Plum leaning more on the matte side. I didn’t find them particularly hydrating or dry, and they lasted about 5 hours without eating or drinking.

They retail for AU$16.95 at Priceline but you can definitely find them on sale from time to time.


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