Hi lovelies! For you eyeshadow lovers out there we have some awesome little palettes (and swatches!) to tempt you!

Sleek i-Divine Palette in Original

original 1

As the name suggests this is the original palette from Sleek. It contains a range of pigmented dark cool and warm shades, you get a really good variety in this palette and it’s perfect for someone new to makeup or if you love smoky eyes. On the other hand if you’re more of a natural day time look girl I would suggest the Au Naturel palette (reviewed briefly here by ksuan).

This palette contains the following shades:

original 2

  • Matte black
  • Satin purple
  • Satin deep navy with a black base

original 3

  • Satin turquoise sky blue
  • Satin teal
  • Satin algae green

original 4

  • Satin cool gold
  • Satin duochrome pastel pink with gold
  • Satin rose gold

original 5

  • Satin bronze
  • Satin dirty khaki
  • Satin moss green

The palette is really a testament to how well Sleek does satin shimmery shadows. They are really smooth, pigmented and easy to blend, and some of the colours are quite surprisingly. Favourites are the blackened navy (great for an interesting smoky eye), the teal, rose gold and bronze. I love that they include a matte black which can be used to intensify shadows or used as a liner.

Sleek I Divine Palette in Oh So Special

oh so special 1
I thought this was limited edition but it’s still available so yay! It is much more of a romantic palette playing on pinks, I think it would be great for bridal or really fresh doe eyed looks. I know pink eyeshadows can be quite scary to use but it can also be quite surprising. This palette presents the following shades:

oh so special 2

  • Matte bone white
  • Satin silvery pink
  • Matte salmon pink

oh so special 3

  • Satin copper brown
  • Satin navy
  • Satin blackened purple

oh so special 4

  • Matte light baby pink
  • Satin cool pink
  • Matte tan brown

oh so special 5

  • Matte taupe
  • Matte taupe purple
  • Matte black

As you can see there are quite a few mattes here which is fantastic for blending. The lighter colours aren’t as vibrant as I’d like and some aren’t as true to pan – especially the two shimmery pinks which are quite similar in tone. Favourites include the matte pink, blackened purple and the two matte taupes.

The Sleek Makeup i-Divine palettes retail for a mind-blowingly budget-friendly US$9.99 on their website.


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