Benefit’s Dallas is a gorgeous mauvy plumish brown bronzer with some slight golden shimmer. It buffs into a warm satin finish that gives a natural glow to the cheeks on my tanned skin. It is significantly darker and more red toned than their Hoola bronzer. I decided to pick this up as I was looking for a bronzer and also because most of Benefit’s powders come off much too pastel-like on me and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about! Suffice to say I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

dallas 2
Like all of Benefit’s powders it comes housed in a cardboard box with an enclosed brush, which while kitsch also makes it quite bulky to tote around. The brush is usable although I prefer my REAL TECHNIQUES one. The blush does kick up quite a bit of powder though when using it so I’m quite glad that most of the product is trapped in the box and doesn’t get wasted. There is also a very strong floral scent reminiscent of old school cosmetics.

I like that I can use Dallas both as a natural bronzer and blush. It’s really easy to buff it on with minimal fuss. The powder is finely milled and lasts about five hours on me. Oh, and here’s the ingredient list!

dallas 1

This box has 8 grams of product for US$28. It costs a lot more in Singapore and Malaysia – grrrr international markups! – so if you can, get a friend to get it for you from the US or buy it off the Benefit website when they’re on sale 🙂


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