Hi everyone! I’ve got some exciting swatches for you today! Check them out: Sleek Makeup’s Blush by 3 palettes. Here we have Pumpkin and Sugar. Each palette contains 3 blushes and 20 grams of product and the website states they are ‘formulated with intense pigment or can be layered for intensity’. You can use each blush on its own or mix and match for your own custom colour!

Blush by 3 in Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a great little palette for the girl who wants a little of everything. Don’t be put off by the almost neon orange! The shades are:

  • Lantern – a satin coral red with micro gold shimmer
  • Squash – a semi matte vibrant baby pink
  • P Pie – a matte orange

ImageAll three are very pigmented so use a light hand to achieve the intensity you’d like especially for fair skin girls. It’s great though for darker skin girls (like me!) because the all the shades would actually show up on my skin with just a tap of the brush.


The coral red especially is a gorgeous colour for summer to bring vibrancy to your face and the matte orange used with a light hand brings a very natural warmth. Orange especially is very on trend right now.

Blush by 3 in Sugar

ImageSugar is a fantastic autumn palette or more for a sophisticated night out. The shades are:

  • Turbinado – a satin deep reddish plum
  • Muscovado – a beautiful shimmery duochrome in reddish brown and gold
  • Demerara – a matte light peach

ImageThe stand out has to be Muscovado which is this wonderful duochrome, the first I’ve seen in a blush. The base is a plummy brown which shines warm gold in the light, use this as a blush with an inbuilt highlighter. This palette may look boring but it’s effortless chic.


I really love that each palette is quite compact with a full mirror and full size blushers. Nothing annoys me more than wasted packaging with a tiny dinky pot of product. The formula is beautiful, really softly milled and not too powdery. I think it’s superb value for money and you can always find a shade or 3 that you’d love.

Please note that there is quite a strong scent, somewhat reminiscent of old fashion cosmetics. The scent dissipates on the skin but nevertheless might put off some people.

The palettes retail for US$12.49 each on the Sleek website.


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