During my European trip last year I went a little itty bitty wild in Sephora, because it’s a makeup haven that doesn’t exist in Australia and they stock all these gorgeous brands not available in Australia. At the time, one of the must-gawk-at brands was Benefit (now available at Myers Australia).


I know they are famous for their boxed blushers but I was definitely attracted to their highlighters. I decided to go for the tall cylindrical Girl Meets Pearl instead of their bottled favourites because I thought it would be a much more subtle gleam.

Here’s what Benefit says:

“This soft, golden-pink liquid pearl luminizer features light-reflecting pigments to give your complexion an exquisite, dewy glow. It includes raspberry & chamomile, known for their soothing properties…and sweet almond seed extract  known to help improve skin firmness & smoothness. Pat it on over blush to highlight cheekbones with a pop of pearly pleasure!”

The colour is more of a golden beige with very visible gold sparkle and the glitter particles definitely will stray as it’s all over my hand just from a swatch. It is quite beautiful, just very sunny holiday bling. The formula comes out like a cream but feels more like a gel and it just sinks into the skin. Super comfortable to wear and long lasting.


Now onto the big but…the packaging. It’s a twist tube and the product squeezes out at the top so you can get a really controlled clean application BUT…I can’t get the product out. I don’t know whether I got a flawed bottle and it’s just broken but I’ll keep twisting and shaking and trying to get anything out and nothing. Nada. Like trying to squeeze a baby out. I’d rather stick to powder highlighter than spend ages trying to get this out.

Also, there is a very strong sweet scent upon application but it quickly dissipates.

I love it, but I hate it. Maybe I can somehow depot this into a simpler container. It would make sense why their bottled highlighters (High Beam, Sun Beam and Moon Beam) are so popular. Girl Meets Pearl retails for US$30.


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