I love  Orly nail polishes, I don’t know why I don’t have more. Maybe because I pronounce the name as ‘oh really’ as opposed to ‘or-ley’ much to the amusement of Dom. Hmph.


Rose Radiance is a midtone metallic pink, very feminine with an edge. Three thumbs up! I spotted it on the shelves of my local Priceline with the price tag of AU$2. TWO freaking bucks. Needless to say I snatched it up. And I am not disappointed. The formula is smooth, with the perfect consistency, with no pooling or bubbling and was opaque in one coat. I found it super easy to work with and have no complaints. It lasted a week with minor tip wear before gave way to chips.

Now here’s a simple nail art tutorial that even I could do! I am seriously impressed by the talented beauty enthusiasts out there who do such remarkable nail art. Last week I dramatically failed at gradient nails, this time it wasn’t too bad!

  1. Lay a base colour and let it dry. I chose Sally Hansen’s White On.
  2. Get the main colour for your ‘roses’ (mine was a metallic deep pink from OPI) and carefully do small and large dots on the nail. It’s best not to load too much product on the brush. You can also use a dotting tool, but I just use the brush. Let it dry for a few seconds and follow with the next step.
  3. Choose a lighter colour for the highlight of your flowers (I went for Nyx’s pastel pink) and repeat the procedure by dropping dots in the middle of the your other dots. Then use a toothpick and gently swirl it so the two colours swirl.
  4. For the leaves, I ran the tip along the brush (used  glittery green from Zoya), and dabbed and dragged just under the flowers.
  5. Wait for everything to dry (you might want to watch some Glee) and protect your work of art with a top coat – and you’re done!

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