Revlon is probably one of my favourite drugstore brands – I love their lip products, I like their nail polishes and so I was rather excited to see this new product on the shelf: the Revlon Photoready Skinlights available in Bare, Pink and Bronze.


I am a huge fan of highlighters in general, my only other liquid highlighter is Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl (whose packaging I have such problems with!) and Revlon reminded me once again why I should be giving liquid foundation some more loving.

The Skinlights are housed in a slim flat tube with a twist top (important to note as I definitely struggled in store trying to open these for swatches).


Formula wise they really reminded me of Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector, it’s lightweight and creamy, blends through easily and is just this great shimmery goodness. Bare Light is a champagne beige that looks phenomenal on my warm tan skin (I would love to also try Bronze Light but in the summer!)


Once on the skin it sets well and doesn’t move. The shimmer is strong but not glittery, it just gives a fantastic glow to the skin. There is a faint scent- similar to Mac’s vanilla which I don’t quite mind. I’m a big fan of this formula, the only thing I dislike is the AU$30.00 price tag attached to 30ml of product.

Seriously it’s incredible how expensive drugstore brands are in Australia and I have half a mind to fork over the extra 20 bucks for Becca’s moisturising highlighter with SPF included. However in the mean time, Revlon you’ve outdone yourself again!

PS: Here’s a slightly closer look at the ingredients. Sorry ladies who’re sensitive to silicone, it’s ingredient number two on the list 😦



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