I know many people who count Essie has one of their top nail polish brands but for some reason I’ve never had a good time with their formula!


Here I tried Essie’s Action which is a creamy milky tangerine colour which looks much more muted in the bottle than on the nails. It is a jelly formula that is quite sheer, here I tried 4 thin coats with still visible nail line and a squishy look on the nails (loving that squishy look!). Interestingly enough the polish dries matte (I used Seche Vite top coat for a shiny finish)
I’ve only had the bottle for awhile but already it has started to clog and my first couple of applications were streaky and gluggy- I had to wipe everything off and added some polish remover to thin down the polish.

Essie’s Camera has a much more forgiving formula. It’s is a bright raspberry pink that is almost neon, and the same jelly finish. Unlike Action though, Camera dried shiny and is slightly more opaque.

Both polishes have major tip wear in under a week and Action has chips. They have also become crepe-y around the edges, looking like vinyl that I can take a hold off and just rip off. I really love the colours, I just wish they had a better formula and wasn’t so darn expensive! They retail for about $18.95 (AUD) in stores but I got mine online.


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