This past May 1, me and my most brilliant makeup artist friend, Justine Bruers, had the joy of attending the Illamasqua Paranormal Launch at Myer (Melbourne CBD). There were glasses of bubbly and a firsthand look at the new collection which promises a doorway to a new dimension to makeup.

The collection consists of a palette, cream bronzer, two lipsticks, 3 new nail polishes and a topcoat, as well as a precision gel liner (which hadn’t arrived) and their new Hydra Veil. Take a look at the collection:


Hydra Veil (right hand side of photo)

This is a moisturising primer that comes housed in a little black pot. It’s meant to give a more hydrating and luminous effect to their skinbase foundation and it is a rather interesting texture- like a clear jelly which spreads easily and dries down quickly. I think this will be the star of the collection really and will be interesting to see it in action!

Paranormal Palette


The palette echoes the colours of the polishes with a shimmery pink, orange, green and purple. The texture of the shadows remind me quite of Estee Lauder’s gelee formula, a sort of bouncy cream to the touch and becomes powder on the skin. I wasn’t too impressed as the colours are CHOCK FULL of glitter particles and the payoff was weak on my medium tan skin compared to their other palettes. The only shade I like is Cerise (the pink) which may work quite well as a glittery blush.

Gleam in Supernatural (see photo up top)

Supernatural is a bronze highlighter and it is GORGEOUS. It can go on sheer or be built up and I think will look absolutely amazing on deep skin tones for that pearlescent dewy skin look. Another highlight (pun intended) of the collection and one that is quite wearable.

Lipstick in ESP and Posture (see photo up top)

  • ESP- Matte deep violet
  • Posture- Matte cool grey purple

As usual Illamasqua excels with their matte lipstick finishes and provide  here one in deep violet and a light grey purple. While I was standing there wondering what they’ll look like on me, Justine was salivating over ESP. It’s going to be a love-hate relationship, but these are certainly not for me.

UV Polishes (no photo, sorry!)

  • Seance – bright violet
  • Ouija- bright pink
  • Omen- bright green
  • Geist- Top Coat

From the hurried application on Justine’s nails and from what we can see on the sale assistant’s nails, the formula is smooth and problem free. These are very bright shades, again with a good dose of silver shimmer. I was partial to the pink and Justine to the purple but we were unable to fully appreciate the effects of the ‘UV’ formula since we didn’t have a UV light! Therefore we also couldn’t see what the topcoat does. Disappointing!

I didn’t end up picking up anything from this collection but Justine certainly did. For the month of May the Illamasqua counter at Melbourne is offering complimentary one-on-one Paranormal Transformation so do go have a look if you have time!


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