Hi everyone! We’re proud to bring you a new series of entries, all about nail polishes, by none other than the awesome SdV, also known fondly as Mim. We hope you enjoy the entries 🙂

Love, dom and ksuan

Covergirl came out with a new polish collection called Outlast Stay Brilliant, supposedly colour with a built in base and top coat so you don’t have to fiddle about with multiple applications. How does it fare?

I tried a lovely metallic shade called Perfect Penny, finally a proper rosegold shade. In the photo(s) it shows up lighter due to the light reflection. As with most metallic shades there are some brush strokes, but the application is easy and flows easily, and almost opaque in one coat. I am also a big fan of the bottle, very reminiscent of Chanel!

I have to admit I ended up using a top coat (Seche Vite) with it, and it lasted for about a week with minor tip wear and a small chip, I’m not quite sure it’ll last as well by itself. Otherwise it performs as a solid polish at an affordable price (AU$6-7 at your local Priceline).


A while ago I also picked up some polishes from a local (Australian) indie brand called Picture Polish and they have some amazing shades on offer (at about AU$10 per bottle). Here I tried one named Goddess, which is a metallic reddish bronze and the formula is as I remembered, good consistency, excellent coverage and such a beautiful colour. No chips with minor tip wear with a top coat after a week.


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