Hello everyone. Sorry for the radio silence – dom is overwhelmed with work and ksuan is smack in the middle of end-of-semester exams and assignments, so belle has taken a slight backseat. Never fear, however: SdV is here with a short and sweet nail polish post to tickle your fancies 🙂 We will be back soon, promise!

Love, dom and ksuan


This OPI polish, adorably named Sit Under the Apple Tree, is a pretty little sheer yellow-lime-green with golden shimmer. It is quite cute for summer and offsets my tan skin without making me look too pale or ‘dead’ hands. I haven’t quite seen such a colour anywhere else, it reminds me of apple lollipops! The formula is light and applies streak-free but as evident it is super sheer. I put three coats with still visible nail line but don’t mind it because it is still a very clean look. OPI polishes usually last at least a week for me chip free.

My accent finger is with Orly Atlantis, a brilliant glitter bomb with a teal blue base and lots of blue, silver, green and pink glitters. Three coats make it fully opaque but the finish is quite rough even with two coats of Seche Vite on top. The effect is beautiful though, it dances and shimmers like there is no tomorrow even in the shade 🙂


Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead!


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