Dear readers,

Are you a fan of all-natural products without harmful chemicals? What do you like best about all-natural products?

Share your thoughts on them with us, and you might just walk away with a pamper pack courtesy of our dear friends at Down to Earth Malaysia! 🙂 


Here’s what the pamper pack will consist of:

  • Human Heart Nature Berry Bliss Body Butter Cream 200g
  • Human Heart Nature Rejuvenating Massage Oil 95ml
  • Human Heart Nature Vanilla Body Scrub 50g

It will come in an eco-friendly gift bag and be delivered right to your doorstep 🙂

Leave a comment below, tell us the reason you love your naturals, and you stand a chance to win!

The winner will be announced here on the blog next Monday, 25 March. 

Good luck, ladies 🙂 We look forward to your comments and thoughts!

Disclaimer: This contest is only open to those who have a West Malaysia mailing address. 


2 thoughts on “Contest: Human Heart Nature Pamper Pack Up for Grabs!

  1. There are too many chemicals around and in us, from the things we use on our body to the food we eat, even baby formulas are not so safe… We need and WE WANT more and more all natural products produced with conscience for the sake of the earth, for ourselves and for our kids. Every little step counts and I want to be a part of that little step.

  2. To be honest, all this while, I was so ignorant about all-natural products. But one day, when I bumped into a blog that reviews about this natural product (I was looking for the best shampoo that could help on my hair fall problem), then only I realized that I’m so exposed to harmful chemicals, and perhaps because of that my hair fall problem keeps on continuing. Since then, I try to shift bit by bit for all-natural products, and honestly, it helps a lot. My hair fall problem has been reduced, and my skin is getting healthier… and it’s all because of the all-natural products that I’m using. And now, I’m more alert about the ingredients in the products that I’d like to purchase. (For me, Paraben, SLS, and other chemicals are a BIG No-No!)

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