I love Illamasqua. They’ve got an amazing history in theatre makeup, all the products I have from them are top-notch, and their marketing campaigns are beautifully executed (I’m a marketer by profession and education so I love looking into marketing and ad campaigns).


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before that my HG foundation is Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid Foundation. That will be a review for another day, but in summary, it’s the best full-coverage foundation I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never reacted adversely to it. My only gripe is that none of my existing primers work too well with it – maybe because my primers are oil-free and well, the Rich Liquid Foundation is not. *side note: Wayne Goss of GossMakeupArtist fame has suggested not to mix non-oil and oil-based products if you want your make-up to last longer.

So here comes Illamasqua’s Satin Primer. Here are the ingredients:


Fragrance is the last one on the list but it does have a discernible vanilla scent. It dissipates after a while but if you’re sensitive to fragrances, you might not like this.

Performance-wise, it does not dry down to a silicone-heavy base – something that I really liked. It’s also great for oil-based and liquid foundations like the Rich Liquid Foundation. Most primers do provide a great base but not all are equal in maintaining the foundation’s longevity. With this primer, my Rich Liquid Foundation held up much longer and didn’t slip around, compared to using an oil-free primer or moisturizer alone. What I also liked about this product is that it contains UVA and UVB filters.


Packaging is also quite nifty and allows you to pour out exactly how much you want. The shape of the cover is Illamasqua’s signature curved square.

It costs 22.50 pounds for 30ml, which is about SGD41.95 or MYR104.57. It’s quite pricey but I believe that if you’re using Illamasqua’s liquid foundies or an oil-based foundation, you should definitely use this primer to ensure your foundation lasts longer.



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