Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be educational or replace a qualified doctor’s advice. This is merely a ‘musings’ post.

I’ve always taken supplements, ranging from multivitamin formulations, singular vitamin pills, and other supposedly health-enhancing ingredients such as fish oil. With my move to Singapore, I’ve been relying more on them but it may not be the smartest thing because supplements are not meant to replace healthy, well-balanced meals and lifestyles.

Here’s a look at some of the supplements I take, and why I take them:


1) Bilberry extract: Supposedly for tired eyes/strained eyes. I take this often, especially on stressful days.

2) Garlic pills: For general health, since garlic is supposed to contain antibacterial properties.

3) Psyllium seed husks: Fibre supplement, taken only when I haven’t gone to the loo in a while, if you catch my drift.

4) Multivitamins: These come from many brands, but in general it’s formulated for women.

5) Vitamin C: For general health. I take this maybe once or twice a week, because excessive vitamin C just gets flushed out anyway and my multivite has some vitamin C in it.

It’s been a little difficult eating healthily, because I’m not allowed to cook and my landlady has something against me using her fridge – tell me, where am I going to put veggies for a salad? Also, eating healthily means spending more money, especially if I want to be extremely careful about what goes into my food. The supplements I take on a daily basis are the garlic pills and multivitamins, whereas the rest are as and when I think I need them.

Meantime, I try to refrain from as much junk food and oily food. I’m lucky that we have a staff canteen at work, so I generally buy vegetarian mixed rice (again, a little iffy there because I don’t know what goes into the sauces or if there’s a lot of oil in the food), or grilled fish (again, while seemingly healthy-sounding, I don’t know how they ‘grill’ it, because it seems like they just steamed/boiled the fish and that’s it). I have low-fat, high-fibre cereal and low-fat milk at home for breakfast, and some fruits lying around.

For those of you who are living on your own and you don’t cook (for various reasons), how do you manage to eat well and not get bored? Let’s share some ideas, and maybe reduce my reliance on supplements.




4 thoughts on “Too Many Supplements?

  1. Haha your pile is about the same as mine! I usually take garlic, EPO, propolis, spirulina and Vit C but erm…I’m quite liable to forget to take them altogether sometimes! Maybe I need to add gingko to the list…

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