A cleansing milk that doubles as a zit cream? Oh, and as a mask too? Yeah, seriously.


Aviderm seems to do no wrong when it comes to my skin. This cleansing milk is a firm favorite and a lovely weekly treat for me. As with most salon brands, Aviderm is a mite expensive – at RM158.00, this is definitely no ordinary cleansing milk.

This cleansing milk pumps out a thicker-than-liquid formula; sure, it’s called milk but it hardly flows like milk. I use one or two pumps and gently massage it into my skin. It’s not strong enough as a makeup remover, but it’s great as a second-step cleanser + mask + zit cream. As a cleanser, it rinses off nicely without stripping the skin, and as a mask, it doesn’t dry down to that tight feel – rather, it’s a luxuriously light layer of moisture and goodness that rinses off quickly. As a zit cream – I’m serious, it actually works. My aesthetician recommended it and I tried a light layer on a few small pimples. The small zits disappeared within 2 days, and I didn’t get any clogs. Brilliant!


It is quite surprising how effective and multipurpose this cleansing milk is. I love the packaging as well – sleek, hefty, and with a pump, making it both easy to dispense and hardy enough to travel with. There was no discernible artificial scent either.

I highly recommend this for acne-prone skin, if you need something very gentle and effective. As with all my Aviderm products, you can get it at Zense Face and Body.


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