A few days before Chinese New Year, I received a shipment from Enavose Singapore that looked like this:


The taupey-brown fabric encasing the box turned out to be a pashmina! I was so delighted 🙂 Thanks Enavose for keeping me warm on my flight home.

Here’s a peer into what was inside:


Enavose sent me a tub of their Cellogist Neck Lift Cream to try out, happily nested in a bed of fresh purple orchids. Lovely!

Just a little more information about this neck lift cream to start:

Arrest telling signs of ageing and affirm youth with spectacular toning, firming and tightening of the v-zone (area from chin line to the cleavage). This powerful neck lifting cream considerably improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling and sagging skin. Fight the “turkey neck” effect with robust youth-rousing actions that start from deep within to give you an attractive décolletage.

Active Ingredients: 
Telomax, Vitamin A Palminate, Kigelia Africana Plant, Sodium Hyaluronate. 


Cellogist Cosmeceutical’s Proprietary CS-IT
CS-IT is powered by TeloMax – a superb age-defence active that delves deep into skin’s core – and synergised with InterCell System, a foremost encapsulation technology that promotes greater penetration to cross barriers in skin. To achieve enduring youth, CS-IT targets the core of ageing right where it matters most.

For those of you who’re interested, here’s a look at the ingredient list:


On to the preliminary review! Note that this is only a preliminary review as I’ve only had the chance to use this cream for a few days. I’ll update again after a couple more weeks with more information on how it’s faring 🙂

First things first, this cream smells delicious. It’s faintly floral and evokes thoughts of delicate white tea. I was struck by the scent the first time I used it, and like it very much. It lends a soothing sensation to application – very relaxing to rub a nice-smelling product into your skin at the end of a long day.

The cream itself is a white, consistent, opaque substance. It’s not greasy and absorbs into skin quickly with a light massaging motion.

Something I find quite interesting about this product is the packaging. It comes in a jar with an airless mechanism that dispenses the recommended dose of cream for one application each time. It’s hygienic, extremely practical, keeps the cream fresh in the jar, and ensures no wastage of product. Well done on this front, Enavose! Take a look below for how it works:

neck lift

So far, it’s been about four days of twice-daily application – and I’m really enjoying this cream. I love the luxury of massaging it in every day, I’m surprised at how lightweight it feels on the neck and decolletage after applying, and I enjoy how smooth and firm my v-zone appears in the mornings. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next couple of weeks of use will pan out!

This cream retails at SGD 99.50, but Enavose is selling it at a promotional price of SGD 69.00 until 28 February. Plus, with every Neck Lift Cream purchased, you can buy any other product in the Cellogist range at 20% off.

For more information, run over to enavose.com or their Facebook page. If you’re more into checking out products in real life, visit their store at Suntec City Mall or their beauty counter at Tangs, Vivo City.

Remember that they also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to get your money back within 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied with the product. Just bring your product back to the Suntec City Mall store for a free consultation, and your money back or exchange for a different product.

PS: Do bear in mind that this guarantee only applies if less than a third of the product has been used 🙂

Disclaimer: This product was provided to us for review. belle demoiselle operates on a total honesty policy, and only our truest opinions and experiences are reflected in our writing.


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