This review has been a long time coming. I won a bottle of Enavose 1st Line Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage at their Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45 launch event last year.

enavose gommage

Here’s what Enavose says this gel exfoliant does:

Probiotics are microorganisms beneficial for perfect skin health. This gentle exfoliating gommage contains a balanced level of good bacteria to eliminate dead cells and comedones, unblock pores and strengthen the skin’s outermost layer to defend against aggressions and bacteria. Supported with bitter almond acid and a soothing flora blend, this renewal gel maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier and gives new radiance and softness as tired skin is nourished.

And instructions for use are as follows:

Apply on dry skin. Squeeze a sufficient amount and dot on forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. Massage about 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse off with water after use.

In one brief sentence, here is my review: I love this stuff. 

I have been using this about once a fortnight for a few months, and it does wonders removing dead skin. The semi-opaque gel is smooth and rich, and feels extremely soothing and gentle on the skin when applied and massaged in. After a little while of massaging, little specks of dead skin cells begin to gather, and skin starts to feel cleaner and smoother. I work the gommage in until my skin feels almost entirely dry, rinse off all the dead skin cell clumps, and voila – glowing, happy, refreshed skin each and every time.

It also helps greatly with unclogging pores, especially tiny little comedones and stubborn blackheads. Plus, because of the moisturising properties of this exfoliant, skin doesn’t feel taut or dry after use.

One thing to note is that after exfoliating with this gommage, skin becomes slightly more sensitive to sunlight. The sensitivity doesn’t last for more than a day though, so no worries there.

Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage has become a staple in my skincare routine, and I’m very glad that it fell unexpectedly into my lap. I would strongly recommend this product to any of you, regardless of skin type, who think that their skin could use a brightening, rejuvenating boost every once in a while.

Enavose recommends that you not use this product more than twice a week. I would suggest sticking to that guideline, but working out how much exfoliating your skin needs to stay healthy and clean. As mentioned, I exfoliate with this gommage once every two weeks, and it suits me just fine. Some of you may think you need more or less frequent exfoliation,so test it out and do pay heed to what your skin is happiest with – and don’t over-exfoliate! 😉

An 80ml bottle retails at SGD 35.00. All you need is a 10-cent sized dollop (or maybe even less) to get rid of the dead skin cells on your entire face, so it’s really good value for money. You can purchase online at enavose.com or visit their store at Suntec City Mall to check them out in the flesh.


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