That’s right, the long-awaited supposed dupes of YSL’s Glossy Stains are here in Singapore – hello there L’Oreal Shine Caresse Shine Stains.


They are available in nine colours as follows:

  • 600 Venus
  • 603 Milady
  • 604 Bella
  • 605 Eve
  • 606 Lolita
  • 702 Juliette
  • 801 Princess
  • 900 Billie (also goes by Pretty Woman)

Do note though that the names of each shade vary by country, so you may not find any resemblance between the names of the shades we find here in Asia with the ones in the US or UK!

And here are a few swatches to tickle your fancy. Sorry the lighting and photo quality are not ideal:


Colour range wise, they are not bad at all. I think given the variety of shades available, each woman should be able to find a shade that they appreciate – regardless of whether you’re into subtlety or pop.

I found these glossy stains very pretty when swatched, but some of them (particularly the sheerer ones) needed a couple of layers to really see colour. They apply smoothly and feel extremely lightweight and cooling.

However, after wiping off, the only stain that remained on the back of my hand was 605 Eve, leaving behind a soft but marked fuchsia shade. The others didn’t really leave much colour behind, not even the very bright 702 Juliette and 801 Princess.

They are available at Watson’s and Guardian outlets, retailing at SGD 18.90 a pop. Check them out!

For other thoughts on Shine Caresse, see So Loverly and Musings of a Muse here 🙂


10 thoughts on “First Look and First Impressions: L’Oreal Shine Caresse Shine Stains

    • Hi Olgie! I hope so too. I wonder if L’Oreal will be consistent with the nomenclature of these colours – although I seriously doubt it!

    • Have you checked out the YSL Glossy Stains? I wonder if it’s true that these are better dupes of their more expensive counterparts!

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