Hi ladies! Our Melburnian photographer friend SdV is back, sharing with us two of her favourite Christmas purchases from last month. Enjoy!

Love, dom and ksuan

I rarely buy anything from the Body Shop, preferring to swatch and indulge in store and sniff at their offerings. My last purchase was their Cherry Blossom Body Lotion (a beautiful scent which took me nearly a year before I’d part with my cash), but this time their limited edition Christmas products were too yummy to resist! Add to that a super helpful and cherry SA (ask for Luke if you pass by Melbourne Central’s Body Shop) and I had walked out with three purchases in my bag including:

Cranberry Joy Body, Room and Linen Spritz

cranberry joy
Cranberry Joy is a fresh fruity zingy scent which smells exactly like fizzy cranberries! The spray comes housed in a firm heavy glass bottle (100ml) and cost around AUD 15.00. I love using this around the apartment and it is so delicious and sweet without being cloying, just perfect to liven up a hot summer’s day. It doesn’t last very long but while it does it just gives off a very happy vibe. I’ve been using this every day and there’s still almost a full bottle left.

Ginger Sparkle Body Butter

ginger bodybutter

Warm, cinnamony with an almost cookie-like sweetness, this body butter is soft and luxurious and melts into the skin. The sticky residue typical of moisturizers goes away quickly which is what I liked most. The container label has a picture of a gingerbread man on it which is just adorable. I like that this isn’t the typical gingerbread scent, it’s lighter without the burnt aftertaste and settles into the skin beautifully with a hint of citrus orange. This was about AUD 22.00 – 25.00 for a tub that would last me for a while.


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