Two years or so back, I spoke with Paris B of MyWomenStuff on what exactly was I supposed to see with my new pearls. “There’s nothing lah! What’s the deal? I don’t see anything on my skin! What am I supposed to see?” She happily replied, “Nothing! You’re just supposed to have better-looking skin!”


Honestly, these beauty bloggers are nuts.


Fast forward to a couple of weeks back, over lunch:

“I purchased Meteorites because of your review! And Temptalia‘s! And everyone else’s!”

“Good, and then?”

“And I thought you guys had it all wrong. I mean, come on, what is there to see? But now…I think I get it.image

Needless to say, PB had a smug grin on her face.


I bought this almost three years ago at LCCT, while waiting for my flight. Travel-sized, with all three colors for RM240+. It’s no longer available, and the colors have changed, but you can find more info on them via the links above.

I read about Meteorites for years. I would always thumb through magazines, imagining what it would be like to have perfect skin with Guerlain Meteorites because well, that’s what it sounded like to me. The whole swirl of different colors, to diffuse and perfect skin tone, et cetera…what’s not to like?


I finally got it after a few weeks of using it. True to form, I can’t see anything on my face – just the barest, sheerest shimmer, light enough for me to swirl Mythic and Beige Chic all over my face. Eventually I experimented with and without Meteorites, and I felt that my face looked smoother with them on. Pink Fresh is a little harder to use as an all-over highlighter, but it’s buildable enough to work as a sheer corally-pink blush. There were two instances that finally convinced me, after three years of owning these pearls, that they actually work:

1) I was emceeing a press conference and usually my skin looks worse for wear, especially with flash photography. You know how you see flaws so much clearer? Pores, marks, what have you not? When I got the pictures back, I was shocked at how smooth, even-toned, and glowy my skin looked. My skin looked PERFECT. Oh all my heavenly deities.

2) Comments from people. YES! I finally got that coveted “Hey, your skin looks amazing. What did you do?”, “Your skin looks really healthy”, and so on.


I use my Cle de Peau cheek brush to swirl the colors together. It never looks overdone on me – I don’t end up with shimmery cheeks; just skin that looks better than normal. I can’t tell the difference between Mythic and Beige Chic, although I sometimes kid myself into thinking that I should use Beige Chic because it looks like it suits medium-olive to yellow skin tones better. Honestly though, I see no difference. Pink Fresh on the other hand, as I mentioned earlier, better suited as a blush (albeit a lovely one).

So yes, I’m finally a Meteorites convert. Did it take you long too?


14 thoughts on “The Allure of Guerlain Meteorites

  1. All the layering can look a little heavy on my skin so I have started mixing this with powder foundation before applying. It looks much more natural and oh-so-gorgeous.

  2. ah Paris is one of the greatest Guerlain Meteorites enabler. I got my first little magic balls earlier this year, and I’ve never look back since. All you now need is a bit of blush and this and some lip colour and you are good to go!

      • Teint Rose was my first… and then died on the hands of Emillio Pucci and now i died in those little dragon balls. i eyeing on the Spring 2013 one, but I know I shouldn’t buy anymore. Teint Rose is still one of my most used Meteorites, as Emillio leans a bit warm and Dragons is a touch to shimmery for daily use.

  3. PB and Geek converted me too. Back then I thought it was a crazy amount of money to pay for coloured balls that don’t give much colour. To date, I have 2+1 (the Liu is coming!!!) πŸ˜€

    • Hahahaha I can see the glee all the way from over there. I know, it sounded crazy to pay money for ‘nothing’ but turns out, it actually is an amazing ‘something’ to have. Enjoy your Liu pearls :). I think I still have a year+ to go with my pearls so no need to buy any for now.

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