Aviderm Paris is a local Malaysian skincare brand that is distributed exclusively through selected facial outlets. The facial service provider I go to, Zense Face and Body Treatment (review here) uses Aviderm, Institute Esthederm, and Darphin products depending on the treatment.

I was told that Aviderm was formulated for sensitive, acne-prone skin, which was great since I was struggling with acne back then. There are a lot of traditional herbal extracts in the formulation of Aviderm products. For my cystic acne, my aesthetician recommended Absolute Repairer, a moisturizer for both day and night use. How did it fare?

image20g of product may not seem like a lot, especially for the hefy price tag of RM148.00. That said, that’s only one of the two negative aspects of this product. It’s so potent and you only need to use it where you have acne. I dragged out my usage for 4 months, but then again I had so much acne that I was dabbing it like crazy – on my chin, around my jaw and neckline, and around my mouth. The last ingredient on the list is mint, which is an antibacterial agent. I loved the feeling of it on my skin – a cooling, tingling, almost pleasantly stinging feeling that you’d associate with methol/camphor.


The second, and last negative aspect is that while it’s supposedly formulated to repair damaged and dry skin, too much of it can actually cause excessive dryness. I was using it day and night, and eventually cut it down to nights only.

Apart from that, did it work? A resounding yes. My acne cleared up without leaving any marks, and it did help to repair and soothe the raw skin on my neck and jawline. Would I repurchase? If I had cystic acne again. My aesthetician recommended this product for severe acne so it’s quite strong. I can’t imagine using this on normal-dry skin so do bear in mind that this particular moisturizer would only suit those with oily and/or acne-prone skin.

A bit of info on the Chinese herbal ingredients:

1) Sophoro flavescens is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat skin conditions. It may inhibit or reduce inflammatory reactions.

2) Cortex phellondendri, or huang bai, is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. The Interwebs provide information on how it’s supposed to help clear ‘damp-heat’ and what not, but I think that’s more for internal medicine as opposed to topical applications. It’s an anti-inflammatory agent when used topically.

3) Coptis root, or huang lian, has detoxing properties. Is used to treat infections such as sores or boils.

4) Achyranthes bidentata is also anti-inflammatory.

Zense Face and Body Treatment is located at:

LG08, PJU 8/3A
Plaza Emerald
Damansara Perdana
47800 Petaling Jaya

It’s very close to The Curve/Tesco at Mutiara Damansara. It’s located amongst the shoplots opposite Citibank banking centre, and the same row as Friendscino Cafe.

Telephone: 03-77133633 (Kanix or Katrina)

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