I’m not really big on conditioner, seeing as how most conditioners are supposed to be used at the hair ends. After many conditioners though, I realized that I went back to one conditioner time and time again: Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Nourishing Conditioner.

Apparently this conditioner contains yoghurt extracts which help on the ‘smooth’ and ‘nourishing’ portions. I don’t see any reduced hairfall but my hair is definitely smoother and more manageable. It also has a light fruity scent and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. You want flippy hair? Yeah, this gives you flippy hair.

I’ve used this conditioner on my natural hair (frizzy and wavy) and on my rebonded hair. On my naturally heavy, frizzy hair, it’s smooth and I don’t get those stray hairs that poke and spring about when you tie your hair up. On rebonded hair, I feel like it gives me additional moisture without weighing it down.

Sunsilk is available in all major pharmacies and supermarkets, and the range is quite affordable too!



2 thoughts on “Quickie Review: Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Nourishing Conditioner

    • Depends on the product I suppose. I wouldn’t go near the shampoos as the ones I’ve tried locally aren’t very good for my scalp. There’s only one Sunsilk shampoo I would use again, but it’s not available here and it’s the Macademia Oil one.

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