I can’t bear to defile beautiful palettes. How do you dig into limited edition, hard-to-find products? I simply can’t. Hence the blog title, because unfortunately for now, you won’t be seeing swatches. Yet.

I shall now pack my bags and lock up my beautiful palettes before Beetrice and Rinnah make me dig into my precious makeup babies.

Also, scroll to the end if you just want to see what palette I got.


The Illamasqua 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette comes in two variations – No. 1 is widely available in physical stores and via their online shop. It’s got gold, bronze, silver – more medal-like colors. Illamasqua’s Liquid Metals are cream eyeshadows/bases which are intensely pigmented, ever so lovely, and just a dream to use. They are sold in individual pots, but getting four colors in one palette is a lot better than buying them individually. Not really so much from the cost aspect (individual pots are huge and better value for money) but because there’s no way I’d finish or stick with one color only.

In terms of product similarity or dupes, I’d say it’s kinda like the MUFE Aqua Creams or MAC Paint Pots (actually, more of an Aqua Cream) but the difference is in the texture. Illamasqua’s cream shadows are amazingly creamy and so much softer, and the color pigmentation is like WHOA. Puts MUFE’s to shame. I’m not surprised though – Illamasqua (goodness, the brand name is a doozy to type out) traces its origins to theatre makeup, which is a lot thicker and heaps more pigmented than usual makeup. Kryolan is the company that makes Illamasqua makeup, and Kryolan is the authority when it comes to amazingly pigmented, long-lasting, heavier makeup (not necessarily just theatre makeup).

The 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette came out in 2010 as part of the Art of Darkness collection but it appears to be a permanent item – at least, the No. 1 palette is. I bought the one in No. 2, which is not available online. Here’s a look at the ingredients.


And finally – the name of the colors. These are available individually in generous pots but to find them in the No. 2 palette was fun. Maybe I’ll buy all four of the individual colors to save myself from digging into this palette. Maybe not.


And here you have it. What you see is what you get and even more. I swatched it at the Westfield Sydney Myer’s counter and the color payoff is incredi-flippin-ble. See that rich blue at the corner – Superior? Dude. Rich, royal, shimmer blue. Texture…I can’t get over how lovely, spreadable, and creamy the texture is. Sigh.


The great thing is that Illamasqua Australia has successfully campaigned for better product pricing and I got this palette at around AUD53. Previously it was something stupid, around AUD80 above, something like that. You can get palette No. 1 at 34 pounds online.

Meantime, I’m just going to sigh over this.


4 thoughts on “Dom’s Being Ridiculous: Illamasqua 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette (No. 2)

  1. I haven’t seen this one before! I don’t think I spend nearly enough time at the Illamasqua counter. I’m so happy about their price drop. Since that’s happened, Lancome and Estee Lauder have followed suit. It would be nice if MAC did the same one day.

    • That’s good!!! 🙂 How overpriced is MAC? MAC is pretty expensive here when it comes to a dollar-to-dollar basis (vs the US).

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