Hi everyone! Here’s another brief post from my end as I struggle to stay afloat in an ocean of exams, tests, quizzes, assignments and oral presentations.

These days, I feel like one giant ball of stress and jangling nerves. So what do I do to calm myself down? I paint my nails. There’s something soothing about the meticulousness needed to precisely cover a nail in an even cost of polish that dries down smooth and flat (I hope it’s not just me who feels this way).

The other day, I decided to try a new combination by layering Essie’s Shine of the Times over an old OPI classic, Bubble Bath. 

Disclaimer: It was extremely difficult to get a proper photo of my nails, but hopefully this shot gives you an idea of what it looks like in real life.

I thought this combination ended up looking pretty nice. I layered on two coats of Bubble Bath, followed by one quick layer of Shine of the Times over it. My nails shimmer so nicely under the light thanks to Shine of the Times, and yet the look is understated because of the soft nude pink Bubble Bath base. Definitely not for those who love to rock a bright nail, but if you’re into a subtle nail for work or school, this might be up your alley!


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