I was looking for a full coverage foundation for my friend’s wedding, especially after the pizza face outbreak, and ran straight to Bobbi Brown. Why not other brands? Because when it comes to natural-looking makeup, I trust Bobbi Brown – it was one of my earliest forays into makeup and my old favorite, Estee Lauder Doublewear Light was too dark for me (the shade up was too light! And I don’t really like mixing and fiddling around).


Packaging is a bit of a hit and miss, depending on your tastes. I prefer sleeker, lighter, and leaner/longer packaging – think Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum foundations. Bobbi Brown’s packaging is quite hefty – it’s heavier due to the thick frosted glass container, which lends a classier look. However, the pump nozzle is a God-send. If I had my way, every liquid foundation should have a pump nozzle, for obvious reasons. Hygiene, amount control, cleaner.

One pump is enough for 3/4ths of my face, so I have to resort to using 1.5 pumps or so. Coverage is sheer-medium, and buildable, but not as full as I’d like. Full coverage, IMHO, is almost to perfect coverage, where I shouldn’t be able to see my acne marks anymore or dark pigmentation. I will be reviewing a foundation which I believe fits the full coverage claim soon.


Long-Wear promises medium to full coverage, and it’s oil-free. It was quite comfortable and I don’t feel like I have a second layer on my skin. Those with oily skins, like mine, may still need to set it with powder. I used it before I left on holiday and found that I could get away without setting it because my skin was drier. Now that I’m back and my skin’s normalizing, I use setting powder just in case.


I was matched to 3.5, or Warm Beige. For my NC25 skin (with yellow/orange/red undertones, and a bit of green, I just realized), it was a pretty good match. Not exact, but almost there. I found that it brightened my skin somewhat as it was a whisper lighter than my skin, but had a bit of a gray-ish undertone. It’s an odd description, but while Bobbi Brown has some good yellow-toned foundations, 3.5 had a bit of gray, like how some BB creams are (think about the Lioele one that I reviewed).

Here’s the ingredients list:


At RM160 for 30ml, this puts it at some of the pricier options. If you have generally great skin, you can use this on areas that require more coverage. It’s good enough if you don’t have a lot of acne marks, or if you have mildly uneven skin tone. I find that I still need a concealer on my spots (hey, if it claims to be medium to full coverage, well, Imma test it to see if it really fits the bill at full coverage!). It does a good job of even-ing out the skin tone and blends very nicely into the skin, without looking cakey. I find that it also lives up to its long-wearing claim during the days where I don’t have any setting powders on.

Happily, this doesn’t clog my pores and if you haven’t tried out Bobbi Brown yet, you should! There’s a wide range of shades available and since there are boutiques, I find the SAs quite helpful and understanding when it comes to color matching. See, I don’t like being pestered into buying items, and I prefer to try on the shade for a whole day before deciding if I want it. So hop on now to your nearest BB counter or outlet.

7 thoughts on “Review: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15

  1. Hey, Bobbi Brown was my first love too… but I find that Bobbi Brown products are getting a little too expensive for my taste. I could get similar if not better products for less -__-” However, there is not replacement for its Extra Skin Balm. Lovely stuff.

    • Hullo Lily! Yeah, they are getting quite expensive. I think we can usually get away with cheaper makeup (provided it doesn’t kill your skin), whereas the investment should be on skincare, like what you’ve purchased with the Extra Skin Balm 🙂

  2. i LOVE the BB skin foundation, it gives glow and it’s light yet gives decent coverage. haven’t come across any similar foundations yet since most give a matte finish. but, it’s really too pricey already. think i will just stop when my 2nd bottle runs out

  3. the one time i did try BB it was horrible, so now i am not even bothered to go and try other stuff from the brand already, well maybe the blushes will be an exception, but don’t think it’ll be in the near future either!

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