I’m very happy and proud to bring you a guest review by my favourite person in the world – please welcome my beloved little sister, raetc, to belle demoiselle 🙂 – ksuan

If I could marry a bottomless tub of body butter, I would. No, really. Spending 9 months a year in Hobart, Australia has resulted in extra dry skin for yours truly. The temperate climate, while comfortable on most days, sucks up all moisture from my face and body. It’s bearable during autumn and spring, but winter is horrible. My girlfriends and I frequently sprout “whiskers” from the corners of our mouths during those couple of months from our skin flaking and peeling off.

After being here for almost 3 years, I’ve developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with body butter and the wonders it does for my skin. So naturally, when my sister, ksuan, gave me a small tub of Human Heart Nature’s Goat’s Milk, Cocoa Butter and Mango Body Butter, I was eager to give it a go since I’ve only ever used body butter by The Body Shop and Fennel.

This body butter’s main ingredients are goat’s milk, cocoa and mango. Now I must mention that I shy away from goat’s milk, mostly because I don’t like the smell and taste (had a bad experience in Paris with ksuan’s goat cheese salad), so I was a little sceptical at first. However, I had a sniff of that creamy goodness and fell in love.

When I went back to Hobart in July after winter break was over, I was eager to give this new love of mine a go. The body butter is white and isn’t greasy once applied to the skin (+10000 points right there! I hate body butters that are too rich). In fact, it’s the lightest body butter I’ve used yet. I rubbed about two or three fingerfuls of the body butter onto each of my legs following a shower and it was amazing. My skin remained hydrated for the whole day (9 am to about 8 pm).

I also applied the body butter to my notoriously dry elbows and it worked just as well as my go-to hand cream (Hand Food by Soap & Glory). I only used the body butter a couple of times a week since I loved it too much and didn’t want to use all of it up too quickly. It’s been a few weeks since I finished it but I haven’t had the heart to throw the empty tub away. It’s like I’m secretly wishing that it will somehow magically refill itself overnight and I will wake up to a gloriously full tub of body butter again… Fat chances of that happening, though.

I guess, to sum it all up: I have nothing but praise and lots of love for Human Heart Nature’s body butter. It didn’t disappoint in the least and is now my favourite body butter (sorry, The Body Shop)! Note to self: buy more when I’m back home for summer break.

Edit: Human Heart Nature’s body butter range has recently been repackaged as the Body Butter Cream range, available here. It’s also enriched with antioxidants so it’s even better for your skin! They come in two sizes, 50g and 200g and cost MYR 15.90 and MYR 35.90 respectively.

More Human Heart Nature products can be purchased from the great team at Down to Earth 🙂 Do check then out when you can! Also, if you order three products, they ship for free within Malaysia. Talk about good service or what.

PS: Here’s the ingredient list!

Disclaimer: This product was provided by the distributor for review purposes. We are not affiliated with the distributor, and we strive to keep our reviews as objective and honest as possible. 


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