Happy Monday ladies! Hope you’ve had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Today, I’ll be reviewing the newest shampoo addition to my bathroom collection: Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox.

All credits to my dear friend G for introducing me to this shampoo! She had a little left at home that she was no longer using because it was unsuitable for her hair type, and she passed it along to me to see if I would like it. Turns out, I really did 🙂

On to the review then!

Here’s what Redken tells us this shampoo does:

Cleanse and instantly absorb excess oil to purify your scalp with this Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo. Your scalp will be mattified while your hair is left cleansed, light and airy.

The Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo is formulated with Redken’s Exclusive Interbond Scalp System and Lipa-Sponge System which delivers lipacide, micro-sponges and lemon extracts to equalise your scalp’s pH, help control excess oil and clarify impurities.

The shampoo itself is a thick white fluid that smells rather lemony and very fresh. It lathers up easily (it contains sodium laureth sulfate) and if you have an oily scalp, it’s recommended that you work it into hair and scalp, then leave it to sit and work its magic for a minute or two before rinsing.

I’m one of those girls who washes her hair every day – both out of habit and also because I have a horrendously oily scalp that I need to keep under control. This shampoo has helped eliminate that need; I can now go two days without needing to wash my hair! My scalp loves this shampoo and has calmed down tremendously on the sebum production side. I’m pretty thrilled about this 🙂

My hair also seems happy, smooth and soft. I love the light feel of my hair after a wash with this shampoo. Another nice side effect: it’s been a month or so using this shampoo, and I notice that I’m shedding a little less hair because I’m washing less often. Score!

Is it expensive? Unfortunately, yes. At SGD 25.90 for 300ml, it’s not the most wallet-friendly shampoo in the world. However, I am learning more and more that it’s often worth splurging a little for a product that really delivers on its proclaimed promises.


8 thoughts on “Review: Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo

  1. Hey dearie, thanks for the review. Something I’d likely like to try too, what with oily scalp and all. What condi do you usually use this with?

    • Hey Lisa! Most welcome, glad you found it useful. I use whatever conditioner is lying around, really – these days it’s Pantene’s leave-on from the Naturals range.

  2. i second on your last paragraph, paying a bit more for something that does the what it claims to do.

    especially lately when i have started learning to read the ingredient list (very late i know! and still very confused with a lot of things), i find that a lot of the good ingredients are in such miniscule amount (almost last on the ingredient list) that sometimes isn’t worth the price tag.

    i rather pay more for something which the ingredients is worth it (i take it as it would appear higher in the ingredient list) and hope that it works. and by doing so, i reduce the amount of stuff I have and actually spend lesser.

    oops wrote a bit too long, sorry for the ramblings!

    • Hi Rosanna, you can get it at Venus Beauty outlets, throughout the country 🙂 You should also be able to get it at some specialty hair care stores, but prices are far better at Venus Beauty.

    • Hey Philea, thanks for dropping by. You can get the shampoo from Venus Beauty outlets nationwide, but not sure about the rest of the range.

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