I was super stoked when Yadah launched in Malaysia (check out my post here) and couldn’t wait to try their products. Sadly I’ve had to put skincare product testing on the backburner as my skin went nuts at that time. So I thought, let’s not keep you guys waiting, and see what I felt about their shampoo 🙂


Ah, Yadah’s whimsical branding. Can’t get tired of it. The shampoo is available in 2 sizes: 400g (RM45) and 250g (RM35). It is a lot pricier than your average drugstore shampoo, but I’ve always been the kind to spend a little more on shampoo because of my seborrheic dermatitis. I like natural and/or SLS-free shampoos because they don’t irritate my scalp too much.

Yadah’s shampoo is paraben, silicone oil, mineral matter, and synthetic colorant-free. I like! Unfortunately I couldn’t tell if it was SLS-free. Apparently it helps sooth sensitive and irritated scalps without drying out the hair. My scalp has been a bit haywire lately so I quickly tested this for about three weeks.


It smells fresh, with a very slight hint of fruitiness. It’s also less viscous that your average shampoo texture – my shampoos are all clear-ish gel-types and next to them, Yadah’s is almost like water. With my thick long hair, I used a 50 sen blob, slightly less than an inch in diameter. I found quickly that it doesn’t lather up as much and in order to get some lathering action, my hair had to be thoroughly wet all the way through.

While I liked that this shampoo wasn’t too drying on my scalp, and didn’t exacerbate any itchiness or sensitivity, I found that I still had to use conditioner with this shampoo to detangle and keep my hair soft. No biggie there really, since I always use conditioner anyway and Yadah’s shampoo never claimed to keep hair soft.

Bottom line, I like this shampoo! It’s cute, smells fresh, and does a decent job of cleansing without being too harsh on my scalp. While I do have thick hair, I’ve been losing more hair strands than usual thanks to Roacc (yeah, a side effect unfortunately) so I’m all about treating my overall body with more care.

Yadah is available at all Stage outlets and online on Zalora.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by the company as part of a press kit. For more information, please view our disclosure policy.


2 thoughts on “Review: Yadah Hair Natural Shampoo

  1. the smell of this shampoo is awesome! haven’t quite formed my opinion of this one yet, but it’s looking pretty promising. 😀

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