This product was probably the reason why we got into blogging. On my personal blog, I wrote about Clinelle’s products and ksuan read my posts, eventually suggesting that we should start beauty blogging. I used Clinelle several years ago, as advised by my dermatologist. Now I’m back on it and it’s been my staple ever since my acne attack. Lookie here at the product that started it all: Clinelle’s Deep Cleansing Gel.


I started using Clinelle way before they overhauled their branding. You can still find images of their old look on Google. There have been some changes in the formula, as I find that the gel tends to clump up a little more as it dries in the flip top cap, and the clear color has been replaced with a slight yellow tinge. Scent-wise, it’s still the same. Apparently it smells a lot like Dermalogica’s cleansing gel, but I’ve never used Dermalogica so I can’t comment. It’s brought in by the same company that brings in Dermalogica/Aster Spring products.

Here’s Clinelle’s unique selling proposition: the dermatologist-tested Envinix system with RX3 action to repair, refine, and reshield skin.


Clinelle’s products are all formulated without sensitivity-causing and comedogenic ingredients:


I use a 5 sen blob (about a centimeter in dimension?), or maybe a bit less. This cleanser doesn’t foam up a lot so I use a bit more just to get more foam. The ingredients are also quite calming – there’s no SLS, and plenty of essential oils and plant extracts. Between this and Esmeria’s gel cleanser (review here), I’d recommend Clinelle for less sensitive normal to oily skin, and Esmeria’s for painful, acne-ridden skin. While Clinelle’s Deep Cleansing Gel is also meant for blemish-prone skin, I think that those with very thin skin layers and raw skin may benefit from the calming, soothing effects of Esmeria’s gel. When your skin heals and feels stronger, you can then move on to Clinelle.


For a simple, no-frills cleanser with good ingredients, Clinelle is definitely a winner. It’s priced reasonably at RM33 or so but you can always find it on special in most major pharmacies. Another plus point for this brand is that it has a 4-step trial kit for normal-oily and dry-dehydrated skins, again at a very reasonable price point.

This is definitely part of my daily skincare staple, especially now that I’m on Roaccutane and Rectanyl, and I don’t think I’ll be straying too far away from it this time 🙂


6 thoughts on “Review: Clinelle Deep Cleansing Gel

  1. I tried Clinelle Blemish Clear gel in May after reading so many positive reviews to treat my cystic acne. But sadly it did nothing except reduced some of the redness, the head of the acne remain hidden and they are still painful… ARRGGHHH !! Maybe it didn’t work for me or I’m juz impatient.

    • Hi Bugs, maybe you can try Esmeria’s cleanser for oily skin to help soothe your skin. Skin care will take a few months to work and you may need to use the right moisturizer and serum.

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