Essie’s Lapis of Luxury (sometimes spelt as as ‘Lapiz’) is part of the Essie Resort Collection. It took 2-3 coats to become fully opaque and dries to a creme finish. I absolutely love this color – it reminds me of a clear, cloudless deep-blue sky, the kind where you could cut out and make a pair of pants for (any Enid Blyton readers out there who catch my drift?)

Lapis of Luxury lasted about a week with tip wear, and some minor chipping. Texture-wise, it was thickish, squishy, but dried out very levelly. It’s naturally glossy on its own as well.



I can’t think of any other polish out there with a similar hue, and there’s nothing like this in my own collection. It looks lovely on both toes and fingernails, and I’ve worn this to work as well. Though, it’s actually one of the less crazy colors I’ve worn to work. I guess that this being such a sweet, mellow, sky blue with purple bases makes it more forgiving than other starker pinks or reds?

Available online with e-retailers such as Nail Fiesta, or in selected salons.

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