Hi all – just a quick words-only post on how my skin is faring on isotretinoin so far. I was on 20mg per day for a month, and am currently two days into a whopping 40mg per day on the doctor’s recommendation.

Overall, purging is taking place in a major way. My face seems to be clearing itself from the centre outwards, with my nose and T-zone completely clear but cystic acne still emerging on the peripheral regions, mostly concentrated around the hairline and jawline.

Body acne-wise, my chest is clearing up, but cystic acne are still appearing on my back. Side effects-wise, nothing unexpected has happened. Dry eyes, dry lips, dry nose are commonplace and pretty easy to deal with.

I am exercising as much patience as I can with the state of my skin. I know that this time around, my hormonal composition and body chemistry are a bit different than when I took isotretinoin in Paris as an undergraduate. I strongly suspect that other factors like stress levels, climate and diet (I will have to admit that my diet right now can hardly be described as healthy – oh, how I miss the abundance of fresh fruit, veggies and yogurt I consumed in Paris!) are playing a role in how my body is taking to isotretinoin now.

Will update again a few weeks from now to let you know how it’s going! Hopefully by next entry, I will have happier news to report. For now, we wait.


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