Hi ladies, happy Monday! Here’s a really quick post to momentarily take my mind off the dreaded epidemiological principles test that I have to take later tonight.

There’s this push cart on campus called the Nail Deck, run by a friendly recent business school graduate called Darryl – for someone that young, he’s done really well for himself. He supplies nail polishes in bulk to many companies and shops around Singapore, and for kicks, he runs a push cart selling polishes on campus. We had a nice chat and I ended up purchasing one of the shades from China Glaze’s The Hunger Games Collection, called Dress Me Up.

Dress Me Up is a very pretty, feminine, mature dusty rose-tending-to-nude creme. It applies exceptionally smoothly for a creme polish, and two coats are needed to achieve full opacity.

I observed very minor tip wear about three days into wear, which I consider to be reasonable performance as I’m pretty rough with my nails these days thanks to a lethal combination of guitar, ukulele, lots of typing, and pure, unadulterated general klutziness.

Although Dress Me Up sticks out like a sore thumb among the darker shades that comprise the Hunger Games Collection, I actually like it the most for various reasons. I appreciate that this shade is subtle, polished, work- and school-appropriate, and still pretty.

I bought Dress Me Up for a bang-for-buck SGD 9.00, which is a far cry from China Glaze prices in stores. Am most pleased with this purchase and will definitely go back to Darryl and the Nail Deck for all my future nail-related lemmings!

PS: Sorry for the atrocious photo quality in this entry, I think my camera is acting up a little bit. Photos with way better lighting are available at Scrangie’s blog, so head over there for a better representation of what the colour looks like in real life!

2 thoughts on “Review: China Glaze Dress Me Up

    • Aren’t they? She really has mastered the art of photographing nails.

      And yes, it’s a brilliant price point. Am thinking of going to Darryl again for my next purchase, whenever that may be.

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