Hello dudes and dudettes! I’m pretty stoked about this entry. I got to meet up with the lovely #evurl girls (say hello to Lyn, Juan, Plue, Hui Xin, and Beetrice) and was introduced to a new product, which I must say I was quite impressed with. I’ll sound all types of gushy about this brand, though I have yet to properly trial it. I think it’s got to do with the cheery branding and what the products are purportedly formulated with.

Say hello to Yadah, a new Korean skincare range targeted at teens and young adults.


So, what exactly is Yadah?


We got to test out their cleanser, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen, facial mist, hand cream, BB cream and shampoo (OK, not the shampoo, but we all took a whiff and thought it was quite pleasant). Can I hear a “hey yooooo” for a product line that’s non-comedogenic, irritant-free, oil-free, and bursting with goodness? Dudes, I know I’m psyching myself up and I really do hope that the products deliver.







How cute are these makeup pouches? TOO CUTE. The pouches are good-sized and contain compartments.


Product swatches, from bottom to top: cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. The cleanser is a bubble-type cleanser, so it pumps out as a foam. The toner is very interesting – it’s a gel and was quite cooling and quickly absorbed into the skin. Next up: moisturizer – it felt quite lightweight. The sunscreen is a shade too thick and creamy for my liking, though I think it’s because I’m used to mattifying sunscreens. For texture close-ups, see picture below:


BB cream swatches – comes in two shades. Rather creamy as well. I’m not sure if I like this texture, simply because of my skin type, but the rest of the girls felt it was quite nice.


And here’s the whole range:


If you’d prefer to try out the products, go risk-free with trial-sized ones. I think the set below was RM19.00.


So I’ll be taking the products for a spin sometime soon – right now I’m on my own skin regime thanks to acne, so whatever I can try first, I’ll trial and review them in about a month’s time. I have high hopes for this product line, especially since it’s catered to teens and young adults, whose skins tend to be a bit more temperamental. The prices are also very reasonable as you can see from the pictures.

You can get Yadah now at all Stage and StageAsia outlets. For those in Singapore, you may have already spotted them. Let us know if you’ve tried it out and what are your favorites!


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